About the Autism Centre

The Positive Psychology Guild Autism Centre was founded in 2017.

It is run by the Positive Psychology Guild which is a Not for Profit Organisation and a government registered learning provider with a UK Provider Reference Number: 10067939. We are also a CPD certified provider dedicated to raising the standards of training and continuing professional development.

We work with many students who have an interest in autism. Our founder, who completed the MAPP Programme at Bucks New University – is currently undertaking a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University Autism Centre.

We are proud to partner with the Positive Psychology Academy on the delivery of the Level 3 Certificate Neurodiversity & Inclusion (Train the Trainer) and Level 5 Diploma Autism in Research, Theory & Practice for Managers & Practitioners. The Autism Centre also oversees the quality assurance for our Neurodiversity Inclusivity Confidence Award training, which reviews policies and process around including neurodivergent individuals in the workplace and why such inclusion matters.

We are also proud to say that our centre is led by autistic individuals and our team is neurodiverse. We practice what what we teach when it comes to neurodiversity and inclusion at work!

The Autism Centre is currently researching the following topics:

  • Courage and Autism
  • Developmental delay
  • Difference not deficit: A strength-based model
  • Co-productive approach to language, policy and practice within a care / service environment
  • Policies, drivers and levers

If you would like to connect with us to collaborate or find out further information, please email: training@ppnetwork.org

If you wish to find out more about studying at SHU Autism Centre, which has a range of courses up to Masters Level – click on the image below (Not part of PPG).