Introduction to the NICE Kitemark for Employers

The NICE Kitemark is awarded to signify a high standard of achievement by employers who embrace, embody and lead the way in supporting individuals with neurodivergent profiles. Equality and diversity are now widely understood and adopted as part of statutory requirements for employers, and yet neurodiversity is still not widely understood.

‘An Introduction to the NICE Kitemark’ is an online webinar and it follows on from the “Becoming a Neurodiversity Confident Employer’ webinar. It will provide more information about the aims of the NICE Kitemark award and about how employers can achieve it. It is presented by Reece Coker and Ben Holmes, both of whom are autistic individuals and passionate advocates for autism and strengths-based approaches.

Together, Reece and Ben will give an outline of the steps involved and the overall process and provide details on the training required along with information about how a workplace is reviewed, assessed and supported.


Next Event

This event runs on a regular basis and is open to those who have attended the Become a Neurodiverse Confident Employer webinar. It may also be booked on demand by an organisation. For details on our next event, please contact:



Reece Coker is the founder of Positive Psychology Guild and an Honorary Lecturer at the Manchester University where he is a subject matter expert in the fields of qualitative research, autism, and neurodiversity. He is a fellow at the Institute of Leadership & Management and at the Royal Society of Public Health. He is an experienced trainer, psychologist, and sector expert within the subjects of Positive Psychology, Motivation, Organisational Development & Culture, Neurodiversity & Inclusion and Business Management. Reece is passionate about learning and development at all levels. He completed his Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at Bucks New University in 2016, where his research focused on hope and fear, and is currently completing a PhD in Education and Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University with a focus on courage, anxiety, and autism. He leads PPG’s Autism Centre and is keen to work with stakeholders within the areas of employment, mental health and wellbeing, and neurodiversity and inclusion.

Ben Holmes is an Education Officer at the PPG and the Autism Centre. He is a tutor for the Autism Awareness Diploma course and along with Reece he manages the NICE Kitemark Award. As a qualified Autism Awareness Practitioner, he is the founder of an autism and neurodiversity coaching and mentoring business. He is autistic and also has ADHD, dyspraxia, OCD, anxiety, and depression. Ben’s professional background is varied and includes working at football clubs, coaching sports, sales coaching, recruitment, warehousing work, office work, administration, and maintenance. He has first hand lived experience of working in many different workplaces and can authentically share his experience of these environments from the point of view of a neurodiverse individual. Ben aims to create autism acceptance and to educate and support others.

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