Become a Neurodiversity Confident Employer Webinar

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published new data which suggests that only 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment. Within this shocking figure, many are suffering with poor morale and mental health associated with either the environment, processes, or interactions at work, with anxiety being the most common state experienced.

This event is an online webinar to raise awareness and give practical advice on how to become a neurodiversity confident employer. It is presented by Reece Coker who is an individual with autism and passionate advocate for autism and strengths-based approaches.

Several topics are covered in the presentations and these include:

  • Communication – a look at how communication differences impact neurodivergent individuals at work.
  • Anxiety – a detailed look at anxiety, together with advice, tips, and insight into how best to support neurodivergent individuals in the workplace.
  • Sensory & Environmental issues – a detailed discussion on sensory differences, together with advice on how to adapt the work environment for neurodivergent individuals.
  • The NICER Initiative Award for employers (Neurodiversity Inclusivity Confident Employer Review) and how to achieve it.


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